SPIRIT 3 & 4

Telescope Status:

SPIRIT 3 & 4 are  currently unavailable.

SPIRIT 3 & 4 operation is dependent on the Zadko Observatory weather monitoring and roof system which is intermittently troublesome and out of our control.

UWA has extremely poor internet at the Zadko Observatory. Please plan your scheduling and downloads with this in mind.

Telescope Access:

SPIRIT 3 & 4 do not require booking. Image requests can be made at any time of the day or night.

Step 1: A login is required to access SPIRIT.

Step 2: Log into SPIRIT 3 or SPIRIT 4 and submit image requests using the SPIRIT Scheduler menu item.

New Users: please keep total imaging time to 1 hour or less for your first project. For extended requirements please contact us.

Step 3: Ensure your email address is added to your request using the Schedule Browser menu item referred to in the SPIRIT Scheduler guide.

Step 4: You will receive email confirmation of completed images. Telescope operations can also be monitored in real time (please note internet bandwidth issues above).

Images should always be downloaded using FTP.
Contact us for information on how to accomplish this.

Login to SPIRIT 3
                     Login to SPIRIT 4

Important imaging information:

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