Advanced science projects

Guides from the SPIRIT 102 workshop, Using SPIRIT to Image Asteroids.
Targeting Minor Planets with SPIRIT (PDF file, 886 kb)

Finding precise Minor Planet Ephemerides for use with SPIRIT (PDF file, 746 kb)

A guide to using Astrometrica with SPIRIT. From the SPIRIT 202 advanced astrometry for students workshop.
A guide to using Astrometrica with SPIRIT (PDF file, 1.9 Mb)

The workshop guide from  SPIRIT 301: Variable star photometry.
SPIRIT variable star light curve activity (PDF file, 8 Mb)

A link to the original Variable star photometry guide for users of old versions of the processing software.
SPIRIT variable star light curve activity (old software) (PDF file, 2.8 Mb)

A guide for using the SPIRIT bright star spectroscope.
The SPIRIT bright star spectroscope (PDF file, 500 kb)