SPIRIT in the media

SPIRIT I  launch

UWA News, November 2010 (page 6)
SPIRIT brings night sky into classroom (PDF file, 2 Mb)

Article in ‘Norseman Today’ (rural and regional outreach)
New telescope helps high schools aim for the stars (PDF file, 111 Kb)

Link to ICRAR release
New telescope puts focus on high school discoveries

SPIRIT II  launch

Link to University News article on SPIRIT II Hawaiian Pty Ltd and UWA donation, July 2011
Spirited stargazing unlimited

SPIRIT II launch incorporated into broader ICRAR outreach, October 2012
Australia’s eye on the sky

Also available in Uniview, Spring 2012
Australia’s eye on the sky

Astronomy & Science Education

School Matters, August 2010 (SPIRIT cover story)
Big Bang! How student science projects are making a big impact (PDF file, 7.9 Mb)

Australian Sky & Telescope, August/September 2012
The SPIRIT Telescope Initiative (PDF file, 385 Kb)

Australian Teacher Magazine, June 2013
WA teens get pro tools to probe space (PDF file, 186 Kb)

Australian Teacher Magazine, August 2013
Young astronomers getting Harvard recognition for science observations (PDF file, 235 Kb)

Australian Sky & Telescope, August 2016
(PDF file 619 Kb)

Other media releases

North West Telegraph, September 2014
Students gain an insight into space (PDF file, 47 Kb)

UWA Media – Vice Chancellor’s Voice, April 22 2015
Shining Star Gur

Herald Sun, June 2013
WA teens get pro tools to probe space (PDF file, 510 Kb)

Subiaco Post, April 2014
Students spend a day in space (PDF file, 317 Kb)

Subiaco Post, May 9 2015
Over the moon about space photography (PDF file, 950 Kb)

Variable Stars South, July 2016
Getting into the SPIRIT of astronomy (PDF file, 2.9 Mb)

Subiaco Post, December 2018
Iona stargazers reach new heights (PNG file, 800 Kb)