SPIRIT Image of the Year 2020 – Winner

Congratulations to Francisco Nguyen, winner of the 2020 SPIRIT Image of the Year!
Due to the delay of Astrofest 2021 due to COVID0-19, Francisco’s award will be presented at the Astrofest Astrophotography Exhibition opening at the John Curtin Gallery in March.

‘Orion Nebula’
SPIRIT Image of the Year 2020
Photographer: Francisco Nguyen
Year 12, St Joseph’s School, Northam

Technical description: This image was taken using the
SPIRIT 1 telescope with an ACP plan to take images in 3
different filters (red, green and blue) with an exposure
of 90 seconds for each. Using Adobe Photoshop the
filter images were mixed by layering the respective
colours first, and then layering them all together. Some
adjustments were also made with the balance of the
filters, which helped to create the final image.


The SPIRIT Image of the Year competition is supported by ASTRO 3D and ICRAR.

The winning image will be displayed as part of the Astrofest Astrophotography Exhibition at Astrofest 2021, delayed to November 13th. The exhibition will be on display at the John Curtin Gallery from the 26th of February to the 13th of March.